Have you ever taken a really careful look at your horse’s feet? Do they match? Does your horse struggle with one canter lead? Does his saddle slip backwards? Cough when he first starts to work? Refuses jumps, or hangs a knee jumping? Suffer inconsistent soundness issues despite clean x-rays? Walk with an irregular rhythm? Fall in when ridden on a circle?


Have you ever considered that hoof trimming can impact on these and numerous other issues your horse has? There is indeed a correlation between how a horse stands over their feet, the shape of a horse’s hoof, and their ability to move effectively.

In my Videos—where I am working on horses with a variety of issues—I demonstrate my HANS Trim method of hoof trimming. I show how even the smallest nuances and adjustments in a horse’s hoof trim can result in amazing improvements and recovery.

You can purchase these Videos and learn about evaluation of hoof and posture, mechanics of limb flight patterns and modern techniques for trimming. You are sure to be delighted with the outcome of our Hoof Makeovers.

HOOFMAKEOVER is all about the feet. It is based on the HANS Trim method, which stands for “Hooves are Naturally Strong”. Left to their own devices, hooves are like water. They will do whatever it takes for them to seek their own level and this includes Bending, Breaking, Chipping, Cracking, Delaminating, Flaring, Flaking, Peeling, Splintering, Twisting and generally coming apart. And all this, is just a manifestation of Mother Nature’s way of trimming feet. Sadly it is all too often not pretty, nor as beneficial to the horse as it could be. However, all of these actions are based upon very predictable meridians and patterns within an individual hoof.


The HANS Trim method ensures that the entire hoof is kept uniformly strong. As well as making certain that your horse is putting his weight on the proper section of the hoof.


This horse hoof trim method is designed to be accessible to everyone: riders, trainers, farriers and vets. It is simple and easy to follow—just learn the guidelines and connect the dots. It is a great diagnostic tool for anything from total lameness to the “just-ain’t-right”.


The HANS Trim method enables you to identify problems efficiently and be proactive in treating them. And by following this trim method, you will find your horse balanced with even gaits and Naturally Strong Hooves.

The method is based upon naturally occurring reference points on the hoof that are the direct response to strain and posture. The HANS Trim is predicated upon the release of disproportionate strain and an iron clad strategy to create hooves that look perfectly— drum roll please—Ordinary. As in, free of defects with no worries. Just go riding!


The HANS Trim addresses these areas and outlines a program to restore healthy proportions to a hoof and fix outstanding problems that occur often under very natural circumstances. Whether hooves are intact or broken, one of the most difficult things to do while trimming a hoof is to be able to imagine and then scribe a cut plane that is beneficial to the horse.

As horse people we look at conformation, movement, color, ability, attitude. But feet? All too often a horse’s feet are something we take for granted. A friend came back from looking at a new horse, and I asked her how were the horse’s feet. She thought a moment and answered, “She’s got four.” How are your horse’s feet?