Hans Wiza has extensive experience with Horse Hoof Trimming and Horse Hoof Care and developed HOOFMAKEOVER.

My over 46 years of horseshoeing experience includes the rehabilitation of thousands of horses from breeding stock to thoroughbred race horses, as well as hunters both field (the most difficult to keep sound) and show, jumpers, Eventers, dressage horses, and hard working school horses. International Gold Medalists and Eclipse Award winners—from the crème de la crème to the backyard horse. These experiences have given me tremendous expose to the wide variety of needs that are discipline dependent. And I have seen just about everything that can go wrong.


About 15 years ago I started making videos, and began to notice many common threads. Regardless of how distorted the hooves were I was always able to make a positive difference within three shoeings—100 days. And the “One Hundred Day Makeover” was born—offering my own insights into the rationale behind not only routine, but unique and challenging hoof situations.


I have learned that there is only one correct way to shoe a horse. Whether he is barefoot, wears steel, aluminum or some of the new synthetics boots and glue shoes—there is only one fundamentally correct hoof geometry.


Using a set of biometric benchmarks that I have come to identify and name, they lead to a  “connect the dots” approach to hoof trimming. These benchmarks are universal and immediately pinpoint the individual geometric characteristics of the hoof.


HOOFMAKEOVER not only shows how to trim a particular horse—but follows up with the 100 Day Makeover. My videos show you how, where and why the cut lines are where they are, and the result to the health of the hoof and the horse’s posture.


Each video begins with commentary in real time detailing the rationale behind the thought process and the actual trimming of the hoof. This entails a conformation, posture and soundness analysis of the whole horse—taking into account the condition of the hooves, how each one plays a role in support and overall comfort, as well as way of going for each horse.

By watching my videos, you will learn how to evaluate the hoof and posture, the mechanics of limb flight patterns, and modern techniques for trimming. Even the smallest nuance and adjustment in a horse’s hoof trim can result in amazing improvements and recovery from current issues.