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Articles by Hans Wiza on important Horse Hoof Trimming issues and Horse Hoof Care.

Trim Savvy

Trim savvy and understanding are critical for the horse owner. A skilled farrier can keep your horse’s feet strong, healthy and in good form through effective and proper hoof trimming.

The Underrun Heel

Underrun Heels are the surprising source of many gait problems and lameness. An explanation of the issues involved and discussion of strategies in hoof care and trimming to resolve. The most important is a commitment to diligent maintenance.

The Sickle-Hocked Horse

A horse’s engine is in the rear. The shape and angle of the hocks will determine a horse’s way of going and impact greatly on the horse’s soundness.

The Not So Lowly Frog

The function of the “lowly” frog is to provide a pad of support for the bony column of the limbs (comprised of the pastern and cannon bones), and in proprioception (sensory feedback about its position relative to itself and/or its surroundings).

The Basic Shod Hoof

The shod hoof with horseshoe that was designed to offer the horse hoof protection, support and traction. The horseshoe itself should, as closely as possible, conform to the natural shape of the hoof wall.

Tequilas HoofMakeover

Tequila is a Thoroughbred mare that I was asked to shoe. She stands splay-footed, is badly over at the knees, and her hind legs were quite sickle-hocked. Her feet were smashed, flared, chipped, and cracked. See what an effective Hoof Makeover can do!

Protecting the Hoof with Pads

Using Hoof Pads. A horse living and working normally on surfaces to which he has become accustomed should not require the use of pads. There are circumstances, however, where shifts in the environment from less to highly abrasive surfaces can cause extraordinary wear on the bottom of a horse’s hoof.

Preparing Foals for the Farrier

A visit from the farrier should not be a traumatic event for a foal, but unfortunately, this is often the case. Teaching a foal to stand quietly is not as difficult as many believe.

Mismatched Hooves

Horses with mismatched hooves can usually be described as having one front hoof that appears round and wide and one front hoof that is more upright.

Hoof Trimming Intervals

Hoof Trimming intervals are a question asked frequently by horse owners. As a service provider, I can attest there are a number of answers to that question.

Hoof Crack Examples

Hoof Cracks photos and descriptions of a variety of problems and recommendations on how to resolve the wide variety of issues.

Catching Stifles

Catching Locking Stifles on Sophie who is a twelve-year-old seven-eighths Hanoverian mare whose main job is dressage. She is also hacked out for an hour or two a couple of times a week. Although fit and robust, she has recurring bouts of problems with her stifles catching or locking