Horse Hoof Trimming and Horse Hoof Care Videos showing how to evaluate the hoof and a horse's posture.

In addition the mechanics of limb flight patterns and modern techniques for trimming are discussed and demonstrated. The Videos explain the philosophy and geometry behind the HANS Trim method of horse hoof trimming. "The Clinic" offers a comprehensive overview. Each additional Video focuses on common hoof issues such as under-run heels, cracks, flares, delaminating hoof walls, mismatched front feet, Navicular. They also explore how to trim a horse's hoof to address saddle slip, difficulty in picking up and maintain a canter lead, and locking stifles.

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  • The HANS Trim Clinic


    Hans describes the geometry behind the HANS Trim and why it is also named the Centre Point Top Dress Trim. He highlights the landmarks to identify in the easy, connect-the-dots method he has developed to help you achieve a balanced trim every time.

    In the Clinic, Hans explains the difference between conformational and postural issues. He shows how to assess a horse standing and in movement. And how to determine if any problems in gait or training are directly related to the current trimming method.

    1 video, running time 1 hour 48 minutes

  • Sadie: Thoroughbred
    Under-run heels, smashed quarters, cracks, flaring


    Sadie is a Thoroughbred mare with typically conformed feet for her breed—under-run heels, smashed quarters, dished toes with multiple cracks and heavy flaring. She is shod in front, but the traditional method of trimming leaves her walls thin and prone to splintering and breakage, making shoeing extremely difficult.

    Watch how she puts her head down after the first HANS Trim to let herself extend, blow and stretch on the longe line. Track her progress to perfectly ordinary hooves as she has her hoof trimming documented in real time.

    Be sure to watch till the end as we let Sadie off line to let her fly around the arena. We are sure you will get a chuckle out of that shot.

    3 videos, total running time 1 hour 23 minutes

  • Clark: Clydesdale/Paint Cross
    Unable to pick up or maintain a canter


    Clark, a pigeon-toed gelding, is unable to pick up or maintain the canter, especially on the lunge line or while being ridden on a circle. In addition his saddle and pads have a tendency to slide back from his wither.

    Watch how his shoes are now set to minimize his problems and get his forward movement resolved on Clark’s first trim. The HANS Trim method makes dramatic corrections after the first shoeing so that his rider is now able to comfortably ask for and get the canter both on a circle and along a straight away. His owner is amazed and delighted how comfortable he is to ride bareback now.

    4 videos, total running time 2 hours 36 minutes

  • Three Different Horses:
    Mailie: Delaminating hoof walls
    Frank: Splits up the toe
    Taffy: Uncomfortable to be trimmed


    Mailie's hoof walls were delaminating to the point where shoeing her was almost impossible. Soon after the HANS Trim, her feet began to stabilize.

    Frank's front feet had huge splits up the toe and were badly misshapen. Just one trim restored his feet to near perfect condition.

    Taffy has a large lump on her left knee and would have been uncomfortable trimmed in the traditional manner. See how the HANS Trim provided maximum support and stability.

    3 videos, total running time 1 hour 39 minutes

  • Phalon: Warmblood Cross
    Locking Stifles


    It is not unusual for 3 year-old horses, especially geldings, to have significant stifle issues. These arise mainly because of disproportionate ratios in their hind legs. Long tibias and a short hip ratio cause very predictable grief.

    Phalon’s options were running out with locking stifles. He had already under gone surgery and injections in the hope of correcting his issues. Even the set of open-heeled shoes with wedge pads behind were not allowing him to move successfully.

    In the first few minutes of this video, Phalon’s stifle locks up on camera as if on cue. Going in depth with a review of his conformation and posture, Hans Wiza offers up a strategy that has this lovable fella moving very comfortably. His stifles no longer lock up. The video shows exactly where the cut lines need to be placed to make this happen from the first HANS Trim HOOFMAKEOVER.

    3 videos, total running time 2 hours 20 minutes

  • Matty: “A Circuit Hunter”
    Mismatched front feet, Navicular


    Matty has dramatically mismatched front feet. And she is plagued with numerous other issues: under run heels, crushed quarters, broken and shelly feet. She was diagnosed by a Veterinary with Navicular, which led to months of stall rest for this flashy Hunter mare.

    This video shows you how hoof geometry contributes to a painful posture. It is a classic chicken and egg scenario. HOOFMAKEOVER demonstrates that what is considered to be posture resulting from heel pain in fact the heel pain resulting from posture. And bad posture can be reversed with a properly executed HANS Trim.

    After only two HOOFMAKEOVER shoeings Matty is once again able to do a course of fences.

    3 videos, total running time 2 hours 23 minutes

  • Paris: Quarter Horse
    Unable to execute a Right Lead Canter Departure


    A small hoofed Quarter Horse mare, Paris is an extreme example of “base narrow, toed-out”. She is unable to establish a right lead canter departure. And the traditional method of trimming has provided her with no clearance to maintain the canter as her difficulty is constantly dismissed as a conformational fault.

    Hans describes how to identify her postural issues, why they are commonly mistaken as conformation, and after only one application of the HANS Trim method, Paris canters with ease and confidence.

    3 videos, total running time 2 hours 52 minutes